Frankfurter Buchmesse

20-24 October 2021

Live again. At the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2021 you will find the Dutch Foundation for Literature in stand 4.0 C62. Our colleagues Barbara den Ouden (fiction and graphic novels), Tiziano Perez (managing director), Victor Schiferli (poetry and Dutch fiction-classics) and Agnes Vogt (children’s books) will attend the bookfair. Please find our new brochures on this website: Dutch Non-Fiction and New Dutch Fiction.

Recent translations of new novels by Marente de Moor, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, Marijke Schermer and Mirthe Doornik were very well received by the German press. This month De Moor and Rijneveld are touring in Germany. In the Buchmesse-week Die Zeit will publish an extensive portrait of Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, Booker Prize winner 2020.

We are also proud that two Dutch titles have been included in the German top ten of best indepentdently published books of the year. The ‘Bücher des Jahres’-jury included both Viktor, the debut novel by Judith Fanto based on the history of the jewish Viennese Fanto family in WWII (translated by Eva Schweikart for Urachhaus) and Wir Sklaven von Suriname, the anti-colonial classic by Surinam writer and freedomfighter Anton de Kom (translation by Birgit Erdmann for Transit Verlag).

Last nut not least, this Friday afternoon, October 22, the winners of the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2021 will be announced at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. An exciting moment for Dutch children’s literature, since three originally Dutch books have been nominated for this prestigious German award: Vosje (Little Fox) by Edward van de Vendel, illustrator Marije Tolman and translator Rolf Erdorf, Haaientanden (Shark Teeth) by Anna Woltz and translator Andrea Kluitmann, and Het meisje met de vlechtjes (The Girl with the Braids) by Wilma Geldof and translator Verena Kiefer.

For more information on the titels mentioned above or Dutch literature in general, please contact the Dutch Foundation for Literature’s genre specialist:

  • Agnes Vogt (children’s books)
  • Barbara den Ouden (fiction and graphic novels)
  • Victor Schiferli (poetry and Dutch fiction-classics)
  • Frankfurt Bookfair appointments for non-fiction will be held online this year with Michele Hutchison and Haico Kaashoek covering for Mireille Berman Berman (who is working elsewhere until January). Please contact Camilla Pargentino if you would like to speak to either of them.

Auf Deutsch

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