Introducing German publishers and editors to Dutch Fiction

Publishers Tour: Fiction

14 June 2021

On Thursday, the 10th of June, various German publishers will pay an online visit to the Netherlands and Belgium, to get to know Dutch-language authors and fiction that has not yet been published in German. The tours are organized by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Flanders Literature.

The digital tour is a replacement for the physical fellowships that are organized annually, but which unfortunately could not take place in 2021 due to all travel restrictions. In order to keep the relations with the foreign network active and close, the regular program has been replaced by an online version. The tour will take place on June 10th for children’s and young adult literature, and on June 14th for fiction.

During the tour, presentations will be given by translators and specialists, such as Jan Konst (Freie Universität Berlin), Andrea Kluitmann (translator), Bettina Baltshev (journalist), Miriam Noorduijn (author), Rolf Erdorf (translator), Verena Kiefer (translator), Bettina Erdmann (translator).

The following publishers and editors are present:

  • Residenz - Jessica Beer
  • Piper - Thomas Tebbe
  • Klett Cotta - Corinna Kroker
  • DTV - Sylvia Spatz
  • Diogenes - Karin Labhart
  • KiWi - Kerstin Gleba
  • Schöffling - Sabine Baumann
  • CH Beck - Agnes Brunner
  • Hanser - Lena Dauker
  • Haymon Verlag - Linda Mueller
  • Rowohlt - Anne Tente
Ilonka Reintjens


Ilonka Reintjens

Team coordinator & Grants specialist

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