Rodaan Al Galidi at the Jaipur Literature Festival

22-27 February 2021

Dutch author Rodaan Al Galidi and translator Jonathan Reeder will talk with Neeta Gupta at the 2021 Jaipur Literature Festival on February 27 at 12.30AM CET. This online conversation is one of six in the series ‘European Union Prize for Literature: Writing from Across Europe’.

Renowned European writers and winners of the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL), representing six Member States and partner countries, will be conducting literary exchanges with their Indian peers including authors, journalists, and opinion makers.

One of them is Rodaan Al Galidi (1971), a poet and writer of six novels, translated into 12 languages. He was awarded the EUPL in 2011 for De autist en de postduif (The Autist and the Carrier Pigeon). Two recent novels have been or will be translated into English by Jonathan Reeder: Two blankets, three sheets and Holland (expected 2022), both for WorldEditions. Two blankets, three sheets was well received in the U.K., for instance in The Guardian. “This tragicomic Dutch bestseller tells the autobiographical story of an Iraqi refugee. It is essential reading.”

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