New initiative from the Dutch Foundation for Literature

Editors’ hour

15 January 2021

Almost all publishers agree that they miss the contact they used to have with their international colleagues, chatting with like-minded people, exchanging tips about interesting titles and authors, and having conversations about what is going on in the book trade and beyond.

To meet this need the Dutch Foundation for Literature is running monthly online meetings involving 7 or 8 international publishers, under the name ‘Editors’ Hour’. Non-fiction publishers will be invited for the initial sessions, but expansion later in the year to fiction, classics and children’s publishers is possible. Moderated by Mireille Berman and Michele Hutchison, Editors’ Hour will provide a friendly meeting space to discuss recent acquisitions, the unavoidable pandemic, translations, and of course there will be room for swapping book tips and ideas.

Participation in these meetings is by personal invitation, but if they sound interesting to you, please send an email to Mireille Berman:

Hour-long online get-togethers with international non-fiction publishers

Mireille Berman


Mireille Berman

Project manager Guest of Honor Leipziger Buchmesse 2024

[email protected]