Farewell and new colleague

19 February 2020

After more than 23 years at the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Bas Pauw’s carreer takes a new turn. From March onwards, he is seconded to the Performing Arts Fund NL in The Hague. Most of his duties at the Foundation for Literature will be taken over by Lucette Châtelain. In January, Juul Klein Wolterink has joined the communications team of the Foundation for Literature.

As business manager Bas Pauw was responsible for the successful Dutch-Flemish Guest of Honor program at the Frankfurt Bookfair in 2016. Recently, he organized large-scale campaigns for Dutch literature in France (Les Phares du Nord, 2018-2019) and in Great-Britain (New Dutch Writing, 2019-2020). Our colleague Lucette Châtelain was already actively involved in the organization of Phares du Nord, and will take over the coordination of New Dutch Writing, which had got off to an expeditious start in the fall of 2019.

At the Performing Arts Fund NL, Bas Pauw will commit himself to the promotion of Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad, and to the multiannual grants program. Together with his collegues Victor Schiferli en Ilonka Reintjens, Bas will yet be present at the Leipziger Buchmesse, where the Dutch Foundation for Literature will present a large program with eleven Dutch authors titled ‘Leipzig am Meer’.

from left to right: Bas Pauw, Lucette Châtelain, Juul Klein Wolterink

Since January, Juul Klein Wolterink has been part of the communications team of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Primarily, she focusses on updating the website and the social media. Juul Klein Wolterink finished her BA Dutch Language and Culture in Leiden. Alongside her job at the Foundation for Literature, Juul is finishing her Research master Literary Studies in Leiden. Before starting at the Foundation for Literature, amongst other things she was a trainee at the Dutch Embassy in Brussels, and she was an intern for the bureau International of the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

She is the replacement of Laurie Hasselt, who said goodbye to the Foundation for Literature after one and a half years.