Serge van Duijnhoven in Romenia

13-16 December 2019

Serge van Duijnhoven will be in Romania from 13 to 16 December, where he will participate in the International Poetry Festival in Timisoara. His poems were translated into Romanian by Jeannette Carp and published in the anthology Poeti olandezi contemporani by Suceava Musatinii.

Serge van Duijnhoven is the author of twenty literary books of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Van Duijnhoven worked as a war-correspondent in Sarajevo, won the “Nova Malekodonia Award”, and was one of the passengers on board the “Literature Express Europe 2000”. He resided in Armenia, the USA and France as a writer in residence, worked for nineteen years as a journalist in Brussels, and currently resides in Vught. The music and theatre performances of his literary band Poets Don´t Dance (since 1995) are his lifetime achievement.

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