Yumiko Kunimori in Japan

10-21 December 2019

Translator Yumiko Kunimori will visit Japan from 10 to 21 December to promote her Japanese translation of Louis Couperus’ travel stories Nippon (1925). She will give several lectures about the book, at the Dutch embassy in Tokyo and other venues. The book was published by Sakuhinsha in October 2019.

Louis Couperus (1863-1923) was the greatest Dutch novelist of his generation, and is still internationally renowned. In 1922 he traveled Japan for four months. He reported on his tour and his impressions of Japan. These travel letters were published between September 23, 1922 and May 5, 1923 in the weekly newspaper De Haagsche Post. These Japanese feuilletons were collected in 1925 under the title Nippon and published by Leopold. The book was translated into English in 1926 and into German in 1929.