Kolkata’s International Poetry Festival

Elmar Kuiper in India

22-25 November 2019

Elmar Kuiper will be in India from 22 to 25 November, where he will participate in the Chair Poetry Evenings, Kolkata’s International Poetry Festival. He will recite his poetry at schools and cultural institutions and on a cruise ship on the Ganges, and he will be interviewed.

Elmar Kuiper (1969) is a writer of poetry and drama. He is also a visual artist, performer, filmmaker and he participates in the improvisation collective Tsjinl├╗d. Kuiper wrote five Frisian-language bundles: Hertbyt, Ut namme fan mysels, Granytglimkes, Hiemsiik and Stienkeal (Bornmeer). His Dutch-language poems were bundled in: Hechtzwaluwen (Augustus) and Ruimtedier (Atlas Contact). He also published a bilingual collection under the title: Roep de rottweiler op! / Rop de rotweiler op! (BnM). Both Kuipers Frisian and Dutch poetry were nominated for the best debut, respectively for the Fedde Schurerpriis and the Cees Buddingh'-prize. Hiemsiik was nominated for the Piter Jelles prize and Ruimtedier for the JC Bloemprijs.