Jamal Ouariachi in Bulgaria

19-21 November 2019

Jamal Ouariachi will be in Sofia, Bulgaria from 19 to 21 November to present the Bulgarian translation of his novel A Hunger. His book was translated into Bulgarian by Maria Encheva and published as Глад by Colibri. In 2017, A hunger was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature.

A Hunger

Jamal Ouariachi bases this masterly novel of ideas on the life of Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, a physician and medical researcher convicted of child abuse. Besides exploring the nature of love and examining the wisdom and folly of development aid, A Hunger delivers a fierce polemic against rigid sexual mores and is above all an exhilarating tour de force. He pulls out all the stops, juggling pastiche, literary parody and sly nods to the likes of Joyce, Woolf, Nabokov and Easton Ellis.

Jamal Ouariachi

Jamal Ouariachi (b. 1978) studied psychology and spent years working as an online therapist. He made his literary debut in 2010 with the novel De vernietiging van Prosper Morèl (The Destruction of Prosper Morèl). Since then he has written controversial stories, articles and columns for a range of leading publications including, HP/De Tijd, de Volkskrant, Knack Focus and Vogue. His second novel Tenderness has earned him nominations for the BNG Literatuurprijs and the Gouden Uil. He has followed it up with 25, one third of a Dutch literary trilogy written in response to Fifty Shades of Grey. A Hunger was published in 2015, film rights have been sold and the book has been sold to ten countries.

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