Joke Hermsen in Madrid

23-24 October 2019

Joke Hermsen will be in Madrid on 23 and 24 October to promote the Spanish translation of her essay book Melancholie van de onrust (Melancholy in Times of Turmoil). The book was translated into Spanish by Gonzalo Fernández and will be published by Ediciones Siruela in October 2019 as La melancolía and tiempos de incertidumbre.

In the book philosopher Joke Hermsen traces how we have dealt with melancholy down the ages, referring to philosophy, literature and art. Her lively, erudite cultural and historical essay takes us from classical antiquity to the Middle Ages, through its reassessments in art and thinking, to the present day.

Joke Hermsen

The writer Joke J. Hermsen (b. 1961) is one of the most prominent Dutch philosophers of her generation. She has a particular interest in time, memory and art, and has written extensively about the philosophy of Hannah Arendt, Ernst Bloch and Lou Andreas Salomé. Her award-wining essay collection Time On Our Side, published in 2011, sold more than 50,000 copies. Hermsen broke through to a broad readership with the novel De profielschets (The Profile, 2004). Her fourth novel, So It’s Love (2008), was nominated for the Libris Literature Prize and won the Halewijn Prize.

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