San Francisco & Los Angeles

Hagar Peeters in the U.S.

10-15 October 2019

Hagar Peeters will be in the United States from 10 to 15 October, where she will participate in the LitQuake book festival in San Francisco and give a reading in Los Angeles. Her debut novel Malva was translated into English by Vivien D. Glass and published by Doppelhouse Press in 2018.

At the LitQuake Festival she will enter into conversation with fellow author Michelle Steinbeck (Switzerland) about the young female protagonists from their books and the fantastical search for their fathers, moderated by Mark Eisner.

Hagar Peeters

Hagar Peeters, nominee for Dutch Poet Laureate, has won numerous prizes and published several volumes of poetry: Enough Poems Written About Love Today (1999), Suitcases of Sea Air (2003), Runner of Light (2008), and Maturity (2011). Her latest is the novel Malva, the unknown story of Pablo Neruda's only child, told from the afterlife. She spent ten years researching the life of Malva in the Netherlands and Chile. Malva was awarded the Golden Book Owl 2016 and has been translated into six languages.

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