FIP Santiago

Hagar Peeters in Chile

3-6 October 2019

Hagar Peeters will be in Chile from 3 to 6 October, where she will participate in the international poetry festival FIP in Santiago. She will recite her poems in three different locations, together with other local and international poets. Her debut novel Malva was translated into Spanish by Isabel-Clara Lorda Vidal and published by Naranjo Editores in 2017.

Hagar Peeters (b. 1972) has published several volumes of poetry: Enough Poems Written About Love Today (1999), Suitcases of Sea Air (2003), Runner of Light (2008) and Maturity (2011). She has won awards including the J.C. Bloem Poetry Prize, the Jo Peters Poetry Prize and the Poetry Day Prize, and was shortlisted for the position of Dutch Poet Laureate. In 2015 she published the novel Malva.


Malva was the daughter of Pablo Neruda the Chilean poet. Born with hydrocephalus and soon disowned by her father, she lived with a foster family in the Netherlands until her death at eight years old, during the Second World War. In her novel, the poet Hagar Peeters has imagined the dead Malva picking up the pen that slipped from her father’s hand as he died. Peeters gives the girl a voice, and a fascinating life, and has Malva telling the story of her father who, as a revolutionary poet, had to deal with a reactionary Chilean regime.

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