Writer in residence programme 2019

Dorthe Nors as WiR in Amsterdam

1 Oct-11 November 2019

In October and November the Danish writer Dorthe Nors (1970) will be our writer in residence in Amsterdam. On October 10, the Dutch translation (by Edith Koenders and Adriaan van der Hoeven) of her most recent short story collection Kort over Canada (Map of Canada) will be published by Podium. Her latest novel Mirror, Shoulder, Signal was on the shortlist of the Man Booker International Prize. During her residency in Amsterdam, she will be working on a new novel.

Dorthe Nors began her career as a translator of Swedish crime novels. She debuted as an author in 2001 with the novel Soul, and has since written several novels, novellas and short story collections. Her short stories paved the way for international success. With her story ‘The Heron’ she was the first Danish author of fiction to be published in The New Yorker (2013). She is now considered a prominent voice in the international world of literature and she writes essays for, among others, BBC Radio 4, The Guardian, The Boston Review and Harper’s Magazine. The rights of her books have been sold to nineteen countries.

Portret Dorthe Nors (c) Kirsten Klein; omslagafbeelding Kaart van Canada


During her stay in Amsterdam Dorthe Nors will give several public performances:

  • 3 October (19:30) – Ellen Deckwitz interviews Dorthe Nors about Map of Canada in Athenaeum Bookstore, Spui, Amsterdam
  • 9 October – This afternoon, Dorthe Nors and her Dutch translator Edith Koenders will do a seminar for students at the University of Amsterdam
  • 8 November (20:00-22:00) – Wintertuin with Jaap Robben, De Nieuwe Oost|Wintertuin, Nijmegen
  • 9 november (n.n.b.) – Interview by Stine Jensen, Het Grote Gebeuren, Groningen

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