Big Book Festival

Bibi Dumon Tak en Arnon Grunberg in Warsaw

20-23 June 2019

Bibi Dumon Tak and Arnon Grunberg will be in Warsaw, Poland from 21 to 23 June to participate in the international Big Book Festival. A Polish translation of Dumon Tak’s Bibi’s Ordinary Animal Book by Jadwiga Jędryas was recently published by Dwie Siostry, Grunberg’s novel Tirza was published by Pauza in Polish translation by Malgorzata Woźniak Diederen in 2018. Both authors will be publicly interviewed and participate in signing sessions and readers’ meetings.

Bibi Dumon Tak

Bibi Dumon Tak (b. 1964) studied Dutch Literature. In 2001, she made her debut as a non-fiction author for children with Het koeienboek (The Cow Book, 2001). Although Dumon Tak’s oeuvre consists for the main part of factual titles, the line between fiction and non-fiction appears to blur in her work; she uses literary techniques to describe reality. Her first novel based on a true story was Soldaat Wojtek (Private Voytek). This style is now attracting a certain amount of cautious imitation, but it was immediately acknowledged by the critics: Het koeienboek * was awarded the Silver Slate Pencil, as was the later *Camera loopt… actie!.

Arnon Grunberg

Arnon Grunberg (b. 1971) debuted at the age of 23 with the novel Blauwe maandagen (Blue Mondays, 1994), a wry and humorous coming-of-age novel which brought him instant success. Figuranten (Silent Extras, 1997) and Fantoompijn (Phantom Pain, 2000) cemented his reputation among readers and critics alike as a bold new voice and a great writer. Some of his other titles are De asielzoeker (The Asylum Seeker, 2003) and De joodse messias (The Jewish Messiah, 2004). Grunberg also writes plays, essays and travel columns. His work has won him several literary awards, among which the AKO Literature Prize for Fantoompijn and De asielzoeker, and both the Libris Literature Prize and the Flemish Golden Owl Award for Tirza (2006). Under the pseudonym Marek van der Jagt he published the successful novels De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid (The Story of my Baldness, 2000) and Gstaad 95-98 (2002), as well as the essay Monogaam (Monogamous, 2004). Arnon Grunberg lives and works in New York. While researching Goede mannen (Good Men), he was embedded with a fire crew, stayed at a monastery and took a romance tour to Ukraine.