Spring Poetry Festival

Marije Langelaar in Vilnius

22-26 May 2019

The Lithuanian capital Vilnius will be buzzing with poetry for two weeks during the Spring Poetry Festival. Dutch poet Marije Langelaar will perform four times during the festival between 22 and 26 May, including a lecture at the international conference Poetry in the Space of Everyday Life and a poetry reading during the festival’s closing ceremony in the courtyard of Vilnius University.

The festival is held since 1965 and is the most prominent literary event in Lithuania. During the festival, various major poetry prizes will be awarded and a variety of performances will take place, both from upcoming and established poetry talents, both national and international.

Marije Langelaar and the cover image of 'Vonkt'

Marije Langelaar

Marije Langelaar is a poet. Her debut collection The river as plain (2003) was one of the surprises of poetry year 2003. The strong successor The barn (2009) was nominated for the Jo Peters Poetry Prize and the J.C. Bloem prize and was awarded the Hugues C Pernath prize. Vonkt (2017) was awarded the Jan Campert prize 2017, the Awater Poetry Prize and was nominated for the VSB Poetry Prize 2018 and the Herman de Coninck Prize 2018.