Ernest van der Kwast in Zagreb

11-13 June 2019

Ernest van der Kwast will be in Zagreb, Croatia from 11 to 13 June to promote the Croatian translation of his novel The Ice-Cream Makers, translated by Josipa Dvoraček as Sladoledari for Fraktura publishing house. The book was well received in Croatia, literary critic Jagna Pogačnik praised the book on Croatian television, in the show HRT Kultura.

Ernest van der Kwast was born in Mumbai, India. Mama Tandoori (2010), his breakthrough novel, enjoyed huge success in the Netherlands and Italy, selling over 100,000 copies. In 2012 he produced the novella Giovanna’s Navel, which entered the Der Spiegel bestseller list immediately after publication in Germany in spring 2015. His fluid, sensual style has charmed critics everywhere. As German daily FAZ put it ‘Ernest van der Kwast flutters around his storyline like a butterfly and his playfulness delights the reader.’ He works in his hometown Rotterdam as a programme-maker and presenter.

The Ice-Cream Makers

In his bestseller Mama Tandoori, Ernest van der Kwast painted a vivid and hilari­ous portrait of an immigrant family. The Ice-Cream Makers is every bit as enter­taining while tapping into a deeper seam of emotion. It is a delightful and sensual tale of poetry, love, family ties and the art of ice cream making.

“Van der Kwast tells his multigenerational tale with great sensitivity, demonstrating through powerful observations the long-term effect of one person's decision upon others throughout the generations. A delightful read; smooth as ice cream on a hot summer day.”

_ Kirkus Reviews