Publisher Bill Swainson in Amsterdam

9-10 May 2019

Upon invitation of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, British publisher Bill Swainson will visit Amsterdam. He will be introduced to the Dutch publishing world in two days, through meetings with various Dutch translators and publishers such as Prometheus, Atlas Contact, Das Mag, De Bezige Bij, Cossee, Nijgh & Van Ditmar, the Arbeiderspers, Van Oorschot, Lebowski, Pluim and Podium.

Bill Swainson is a publisher and editor with over forty years experience in independent and mainstream publishing. He has his own imprint – Bill Swainson Books – at MacLehose Press, where he is Consultant Editor, and is also Editor at Large for Non-Fiction at Oneworld. Furthermore he is a literary consultant and freelance editor, working with, among others, Bloomsbury, Canongate, Gingko Library/Haus Publishing, The French Institute and Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation in Dublin. He is an advisor at the Santa Maddalena Foundation in Italy and previously also for the British Centre for Literary Translation at UEA. In 2015 he was awarded an OBE for services to literary translation.