Poetry reading Dean Bowen in New Orleans

Rubber Flower Poetry Hour

7 May 2019

Dean Bowen will give a poetry reading in New Orleans on 7 May, during the Rubber Flower Poetry Hour, organised by artist residency Deltaworkers. Bowen is writer-in-residence at Deltaworkers in April and May, where he examines the dynamics of the composite identity and how this relates to a political and social positioning of the self. The reading starts at 7.30 pm and is free and open to the public.

Dean Bowen is a poet, performer and psychonaut. His debut collection Bokman is lyrical, passionate and furious; a personal quest that aims to reveal universal patterns and allows many voices to speak. As a poet, the black literary tradition from the US has always been important to him. In New Orleans he wants to investigate how people relate to the plurality of a black identity. He wants to elaborate on this theme in his second volume.