Wiel Kusters in Bologna and Naples

10-18 April 2019

Wiel Kusters will travel to Italy to promote the poetry collection Carbone notata, a selection from his work in Italian translation by Marco Prandoni and Franco Paris, published by Raffaelli Editore. Kusters will participate in the third edition of conference ‘Minatori di memorie’ at the University of Bologna on 11 and 12 April 2019, dedicated to the cultural memory of the mining history in Belgium and Dutch Limburg and multilingualism.

Kusters published his first poems at the age of sixteen in the Limburg dialect of his youth. After that he made little use of dialect and started publishing in Dutch. In his lecture in Bologna he examines the how and why of these choices, also paying attention to the fact that he also occasionally uses German in his work. In addition, he talks about his collaboration with the Romanian-German poet Oskar Pastior (1927-2006), author of Der krimgotische Fächer (1978).

In Bologna, in addition to this lecture, Kusters will also appear in the literary café La confraternita dell'uva, where the Italian anthology Carbone notata is presented. At the end of his trip he will also present Carbone notata at the University of Naples and meet the Dutch language students there.