Soirée littéraire with Kader Abdolah and Jeroen Olyslaegers

28 January 2019

On 28 January, Kader Abdolah and Jeroen Olyslaegers will speak with Alexandre Fillon and Fabrice Humbert about their recently into French translated books, Le Messager (translation of Abdolah’s The Messenger, éditions Gallimard) and Trouble (translation of Olyslaegers’ Wil, éditions Stock) at the Maison de la Poésie in Paris. Subject of conversation is reality and imagination, fact and fiction in contemporary literature. How do you write about the war for the generation that did not experience it? And from what perspective does literature speak of religion?

Kader Abdolah

Kader Abdolah (b. 1954, Iran) studied physics in Teheran and was active in the student resistance. He published two novels about life under the Khomeini regime before fleeing his homeland in 1985. Three years later he came to the Netherlands. He published several short-story collections and novels. In 2008 he published The Messenger, about the prophet Mohammed, and an alternative translation of the Koran underlining a more moderate and ‘human’ Islam. Abdolah’s work has been published in more than 20 languages.

Jeroen Olyslaegers

Jeroen Olyslaegers (b. 1967) writes columns, plays and prose. With his novels We (nominated for the Gerard Walschap Prize) and Winnings he staged a comeback in Dutch literature. In 2014 he was awarded the Arkprijs van het Vrije Woord for his work and his social engagement, and the Edmond Hustinx Prize for his theatrical oeuvre. WILL, an awardwinning lyrical meditation on evil and guilt, received rave reviews and international rights were quickly sold to several countries.

Kader Abdolah (© Roy Tee) en Jeroen Olyslaegers (© Koen Broos)

Les Phares du Nord

The programme is part of the Les Phares du Nord campaign, an intensive campaign aimed at presenting Dutch literature in France, the second largest book market of Europe and the fifth worldwide. During the campaign over 100 Dutch and Flemish authors will present themselves at more than twenty literary festivals throughout France in 2018-2019.