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‘Ditët e Naimit’ to Gerry van der Linden

30 October 2018

Dutch poet Gerry van der Linden has received the literary prize of the International Poetry Festival Ditët e Naimit. The 22nd edition of this Macedonian festival hosted twentyfive poets from across the globe. At the opening of the festival Van der Linden received the ‘Ditët e Naimit’ award, given for one’s literary career and poetry oeuvre, from festival director Shaip Emërllahu.

Poetry by Gerry van der Linden (1952) has been published in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Albanian, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Macedonian, Turkish and Chinese anthologies. See also our translations database.

An introduction to Van der Linden’s work may be found on the Poetry International Web.
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Gerry van der linden Gerry van der Linden (right) receives ‘Ditët e Naimit’ award in Tetóva, Macedonia on 18 October 2018.


I choose
my fearsome face

riding my bike
through narrow strips of streets
where freight stands stacked
the docker takes his time

the automobile strains its wheel
against the current called time

I show
the back of my legs
the tip of my coat
to errant americans
day-trippers one-weekers death-seekers
citizens from without canalside dwellers

I trounce
the last ounce
from my wheel
take aim
take aim

© Translation: John Irons. From: The Low Countries Yearbook no 12

Victor Schiferli


Victor Schiferli

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