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Non-fiction Fellowship

12-14 November 2018

Ten non-fiction publishers from the UK and USA will visit Amsterdam, upon invitation of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. From 12-14 November they will be introduced to the Dutch field of non-fiction writing, meeting many publishers and writers. The Amsterdam Fellowship is an annual programme in which the Foundation invites international literary editors to come and meet their Dutch colleagues and familiarise themselves with Dutch literature.

The fellows are:

  • Laura Stickney - Penguin Press

  • Jack Ramm - Viking

  • Joe Calamia - Yale University Press

  • Nicholas Pearson - 4th Estate

  • Leo Hollis - Verso

  • Andrew Franklin - Profile Books

  • Juliet Brooke - Sceptre

  • Joanna Godfrey - IB Tauris

  • Courtney Young - Riverhead Books USA

  • Sarah Rigby - Hutchinson

The Dutch Foundation for Literature aims to organize a literary campaign in the UK and USA in 2020. In September a group of UK and USA-based fiction editors and publishers visited Amsterdam; a poetry and children’s books fellowship will follow in December and at the start of 2019.

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