Esther Gerritsen and Jaap Robben touring the US

9-20 October 2018

Esther Gerritsen and Jaap Robben will tour the United States from 9 to 20 October to promote the recent English translations of their books Craving (Gerritsen) and You Have Me to Love (Robben), both recently published by World Editions.

Jaap Robben

Jaap Robben (b. 1984) is a writer, poet and theatre director. Since 2000 he has published several books of poems and stories for children and grown-ups. His widely acclaimed novel Birk, published in the UK and the US as You Have Me to Love, won the Dioraphte Prize, the ANV Debut Prize, and was voted Best Book of 2014 by Dutch booksellers. It has since been translated into four languages.

During the tour he will give several lectures, in Chicago, St. Louis, Brentwood and Berkeley, he will perform at the Boston Book Festival and San Francisco LitQuake and he will be interviewed at the Vancouver’s Writers’ Fest.

Esther Gerritsen

Since her 2000 debut, Esther Gerritsen (b. 1972) has been considered one of the best authors in the Netherlands. In 2005 she was awarded the Dif/BGN prize for her second novel Normale dagen (‘Ordinary Days’, 2005)._ Superduif_ (‘Super Pigeon’, 2010), Dorst (Craving, 2012), and Roxy (2014) were all shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize. In 2014 she was awarded the Frans Kellendonk prize for her body of work. Gerritsen is a leading playwright and writes a popular weekly column in the VPRO TV guide.

In the US, Gerritsen will give lectures in Chicago, Brentwood and Boston, participates in the Calgary WordFest and will join in conversation with Alice Sebold in San Francisco during LitQuake.

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