BAN! Buenos Aires Negra Festival

Inge Schilperoord in Argentina

22-28 October 2018

From 22 to 28 October, Dutch author Inge Schilperoord will visit Argentina, where she will participate in the Buenos Aires Negra Festival and give a lecture on her debut novel Tench.

The Buenos Aires Negra Festival is an international, annual literature festival dedicated to crime literature. Inge Schilperoord will be interviewed here and will give a lecture on paedophilia, the theme of her novel Tench. The Dutch Foundation for Literature provided a subsidy to cover travel expenses.

Inge Schilperoord (b. 1973) works as a forensic psychologist. Her debut novel Tench (Muidhond) has been translated into French, English, Italian, Turkish, Norwegian, Spanish and Catalan and the film rights have been sold. Tench was awarded the Bronzen Uil 2015 for the best Dutch debut novel, and was shortlisted for several other prestigious prizes.

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