Grants 2017

30 March 2018

All in 2017 awarded Translation Grants (and other grants) can be found in the annual report of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. An overview of translations of Dutch and Frisian literature worldwide, both published and in preparation, both subsidized by our Foundation and not, may be found in our Translations Database.

Download the annual report (pdf; Dutch) here.

Page 53 gives an overview of all subsidies granted in 2017. The following pages give more detailed information about these grants: granted Travel Costs for promotional visits of Dutch authors abroad (in Dutch: Reiskosten buitenland, promotiereizen) are to be found on pages 64-66. The names of the translators of Dutch and Frisian literature that resided in the Amsterdam Translator’s House in 2017 and the translations they worked on, are listed on pages 68-69. The Translation Grants (by genre) may be found on pages 77-82; this list also included the production subsidies for high quality illustrated children’s books and graphic novels.

More information on subsidies