Van Doesburg studio-house

Miriam Rasch in Paris

1 Jul-31 August 2018

Author and philosopher Miriam Rasch will live and work in the Van Doesburg studio-house in Paris from July until the end of August. Rasch succeeds Neske Beks in Paris; both autors were selected after a joint open call from the Dutch public cultural funds, in which the Foundation participated in the context of the Les Phares du Nord-campaign in France this year. During her residency Rasch will research dataism.

Dataism is a theory that states that everything in the visible and invisible world can be translated into data: quantified information with which you can count, predict and act. But what happens with the non-measurable in such a world? It is a view on man and the world with far-reaching consequences, not least in view of ethics. Within the technological framework of data, the relationship between the I and the other - between subject and object - shifts. This necessitates the search for the limits of dataism, ‘the limit of the number’, in order to question and, where necessary, resist them. Rasch’s writing project deals with precisely those limits.

Prior to her stay in the Van Doesburghuis, Rasch released a volume of her essays in English translation Shadowbook: Writing Through the Digital 2014-2018. Her most recent collection of essays, Zwemmen in de oceaan, was published last year by Busy Bee Publishers. A sample in English translation may be found in this longform: The Post-digital Condition.


Miriam Rasch