Workshop on translating Anne Frank

14 June 2018

On Thursday 14 June, the Dutch Foundation for Literature will host a private workshop for translators of Anne Frank’s work. Renowned and new translators of Anne Frank’s diary will discuss the problems and challenges of translating her work. Translators Hanneke Mattaar (Armenian), Jacklyn Jiang (Chinese), Susan Massotty (English), Philippe Noble (French) and Diego Puls (Spanish) will participate in the workshop.

The complete works of Anne Frank will be published in China for the first time in a translation by Jacklyn Jiang. The translation from Dutch into Complex Chinese will be published by Penguin Random House North Asia. Anna Maria (Hanneke) Mattaar is currently working on a translation of Anne Frank’s diary, directly from Dutch into Armenian, which will be published by Vernatun Media.

An overview of all translations of Anne Frank’s work can be found in our Translations database.

Anne Frank-translations in the library at the Dutch Foundation for Literature

Mireille Berman


Mireille Berman

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