European Literature Prize 2013 longlist announced

28 January 2013

Gods Without Men, Limonov and Stone Upon Stone are among the titles on the longlist for the European Literature Prize 2013, that was just announced. Thirteen independent Dutch and Flemish bookshops have selected the twenty-one best European novels published in Dutch translation last year. The prize will be presented in early September, during Manuscripta 2013, the opening event of the Dutch book season.

The following titles have been nominated (in alphabetical order by author):

  • Lionel Aso (Lionel Asbo) by Martin Amis, translated from the English by Reintje Ghoos and Jan Pieter van der Sterre (Atlas Contact)
  • Mr Gwyn (Mr Gwyn) by Alessandro Baricco, translated from the Italian by Manon Smits (De Bezige Bij)
  • Limonov (Limonov) by Emmanuel Carrère, translated from the French by Katelijne De Vuyst and Katrien Vandenberghe (De Bezige Bij Antwerpen)
  • De trofee (Orbitor Corpul) by Mircea Cartarescu, translated from the Romanian by Jan Willem Bos (De Bezige Bij)
  • Fantoomliefde (The Memory of Love) by Aminatta Forna, translated from the English by Marijke Versluys and Aleid van Eekelen-Benders (Nieuw Amsterdam)
  • Rug aan rug (Rücken an Rücken) by Julia Franck, translated from the German by Goverdien Hauth-Grubben (Wereldbibliotheek)
  • Het paradijs, opgroeien na de val van de muur (Das Paradies. Meine Jugend nach der Mauer) by Andrea Hanna Hunniger, translated from the German by Jan Bert Kanon (Atlas Contact)
  • In tijden van oorlog (L’art français de la guerre) by Alexis Jenni, translated from the French by Jeanne Holierhoek and Henriette Gorthuis (De Geus)
  • Liefde (Min kamp 2) by Karl Ove Knausgård, translated from the Norwegian by Marianne Molenaar (De Geus)
  • Coyote (Gods Without Men) by Hari Kunzru, translated from the English by Rob van der Veer and Anneke Bok (Podium)
  • Zola Jackson (Zola Jackson) by Gilles Leroy, translated from the French by Prescilla van Zoest (Cossee)
  • Terugkeer ongewenst (Gerron) by Charles Lewinsky, translated from the German by Elly Schippers (Signatuur)
  • Coupé nr 6 (Hytti nro 6) by Rosa Liksom, translated from the Finnish by Annemarie Raas (Podium)
  • Herinneringen (Minnen) by Torgny Lindgren, translated from the Swedish by Lia van Strien (De Geus)
  • Suikertand (Sweet Tooth) by Ian McEwan, translated from the English by Rien Verhoef (De Harmonie)
  • Het boek Henry (Bring Up the Bodies) by Hilary Mantel, translated from the English by Ine Willems (Signatuur)
  • De verliefden (Los enamoramientos) by Javier Marías, translated from the Spanish by Aline Glastra van Loon (Meulenhoff)
  • Steen op steen (Kamien na kamieniu) by Wiesław Myśliwski, translated from the Polish by Karol Lesman (Querido)
  • In tijden van afnemend licht (In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts) by Eugen Ruge, translated from the German by Josephine Rijnaarts (De Geus)
  • Verdriet van de engelen (Harmur Englamna) by Jón Kalman Stefánsson, translated from the Icelandic by Marcel Otten (Anthos)
  • Leren bidden in het tijdperk van de techniek (Aprendar a rezar na Era da Técnica) by Gonҫalo M. Tavares, translated from the Portugese by Harrie Lemmens (Querido)

The European Literature Prize will be presented in 2013 for the third time, recognizing the best novel translated from a European language into Dutch in the previous year. Previously the prize went to Drie sterke vrouwen (Trois femmes puissantes) by Marie NDiaye, translated from the French by Jeanne Holierhoek and Alsof het voorbij is (The Sense of an Ending) by Julian Barnes, translated from the English by Ronald Vlek. The prize goes to both the author and the translator of the chosen title, with the author receiving the sum of €10,000 and the translator €2,500

The shortlist will be announced May 2013 in Amsterdam. A jury drawn from the world of literature and literary translation, chaired by Alexander Rinnooy Kan, will choose the five titles.

Prior to the announcement of the shortlist, in April and May the Vertalersgeluktournee will take place: the translators of the longlisted titles will travel the Low Countries to talk about literary translation as a profession and about translating the nominated title.

The European Literature Prize is an initiative of the Academic-Cultural Centre Spui25, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the weekly De Groene Amsterdammer and Athenaeum Boekhandel. The following independent bookshops have helped to make it possible:

More information

  • For further information about the European Literature Prize or the Vertalersgeluktournee please contact Hanneke Marttin, Dutch Foundation for Literature, tel. + 31 20 520 73 00, mail:
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