Les Phares du Nord

Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême

25-28 January 2018

From 25 until 28 January 2018, the 45th edition of the Angoulême International Comics Festival, the ‘comic book Mecca’, will take place. Seven Dutch and Flemish authors will make the trip to Angoulême: Aimée de Jongh, Brecht Evens, Enzo Smits, Erik Kriek, Herr Seele, Simon Spruyt and Ward Zwart. They will promote their recent French translations and take part in international panel debates and discussions. The Dutch Foundation for Literature will be represented by managing director Tiziano Perez and graphic novels specialist Barbara den Ouden.

Les Phares du Nord

In 2018, the Netherlands and Flanders will jointly showcase the cream of the Dutch-language literature crop (translated into French) at various venues and festivals across France under the title ‘Les Phares du Nord’. In Angoulême, they’ll be doing so with a bookshop/café, where Dutch-language authors and the translations of their books will stoke up enthusiasm for graphic storytelling from the Low Countries.

Over the past few years, many Flemish and Dutch comic books have been translated into French, often after negotiations by and financial support from the Dutch Foundation for Literature or Flanders Literature. French and English translations of works by Dutch and Flemish authors will be for sale in the bookshop/café ‘Les Phares du Nord’. From Spike and Suzy, past Joost Swarte, to Aimée de Jong: guests will be spoiled for choice. The Dutch language is their common denominator. Also, they all embody a spirit for adventure: either in the thrilling stories they tell, or in their quest to find an individual artistic style.

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Barbara den Ouden


Barbara den Ouden

Team coordinator & Specialist Dutch fiction and graphic novels

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