Guest of Honour Flanders and the Netherlands

Stadt Land Buch programme

5-12 November 2017

From 5 until 12 November, Flanders and the Netherlands will be guest of Honour at Stadt Land Buch in Germany. Some ten authors will perform during this ‘regional book fair’ in Berlin, Potsdam and surroundings. Local book shops can organize performances with these authors. Thursday 9 November, German translations of two ‘monuments’ of Dutch literature will be presented: the letters of Vincent van Gogh and the seventh part of Das Büro, written by J.J. Voskuil.

Programme in short:

  • Sunday 5 November, 17.00: opening of the festival by Margriet de Moor and Stefan Hertmans in the Deutsches Theater Berlin.

  • 6 and 7 November: evening with Margriet de Moor in hotel Sofitel (6/11) and Schloss Oranienburg (7/11).

-7 November: young authors from the Low Countries (Michael Bijnens, Gustaaf Peek, Fikry El Azzouzi and Niña Weijers) at the Dutch ambassy in Berlin.

-7 November: literary nonfiction with Philip Dröge and Jan Brokken in Walthers Buchladen.

-8 November: workshop with illustrators Peter Goes, Mattias de Leeuw, Floor Rieder and Mies van Hout in Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus.

-8 November: evening with Herman Koch in Stadtbibliothek Oranienburg.

-9 November: Manch einer hat ein großes Feuer in seiner Seele. Presentation of the German translation of the letters of Vincent van Gogh in the Dutch embassy in Berlin.

-9 November: presentation of Das Büro of J.J. Voskuil by Gerbrand Bakker and translator Gerd Busse in the Literaturhaus Berlin.

-11 November: Gerbrand Bakker about Jasper und sein Knecht in Buchlounge Zehlendorf.

-12 November: ‘debutant salon’ with Patricia Hempel, Lana Lux, Felix Schiller, Gustaaf Peek and Wytske Versteeg in TAK Theater in the Aufbau Haus.

-12 November: end of the festival in the Deutsches Theater with Gustaaf Peek, Gerbrand Bakker, Fikry El Azouzzi, Wytske Versteeg and Bart Moeyaert.

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