Ferrara, Milano & Palermo

Frank Westerman to Italy

30 Sep-5 October 2017

Dutch non-fiction author Frank Westerman travels to Italy to promote the translation of his latest book ‘A Word, A Word’, published by Iperborea (translator Franco Paris). Westerman will be interviewed and will participate in the Internazionale Ferrara Festival and the Festival delle Letterature Migranti in Palermo. The festivals received a contribution for travel expenses from the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

In Een woord, een woord (A Word, A Word), Frank Westerman links his own experiences of hostage situations with current discussions on how to react to terror. It resulted in a gripping reportage about one of the stickiest problems of our time.

Een woord, een woord has also been translated into German (by Gerd Busse and Ulrich Faure for Christoph Links Verlag), a French translation is in preparation at Éditions Christian Bourgois.