Soirée néerlandaise: Joost de Vries & Inge Schilperoord

25 September 2017

On Monday September 25th, two young Dutch authors, Joost de Vries and Inge Schilperoord, will talk about their novels in La Maison de la Poésie in Paris. The discussion will be moderated by Margot Dijkgraaf.

He discusses the French translation of his novel The Republicwith author Inge Schilperoord. De Vries received a contribution from the Dutch Foundation for Literature in his travel expenses.

Work by both authors has recently been translated into French: La tanche (Muidhond, translation Isabelle Rosselin) by Schilperoord was published by Belfond and De Vries’ L’Héritier (De republiek, translation Emmanuèle Sandron) by Plon. Both novels have also been translated nto English and other languages.

Following the success of the Netherlands and Flanders as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Flanders Literature will be concentrating on France over the next two years: the second biggest book market in Europe and the fifth biggest in the world.