Jan Brokken in Italy

6-10 September 2017

Dutch non-fiction author Jan Brokken will attend Festivaletteratura in Mentua, Italy. On Friday, September 8, he talks with Bruno Gambarotta about his recently published Italian translation of De gloed van Sint-Petersburg, walks through the past and present of Saint Petersburg / Leningrad.

Three other books, Baltische zielen, In het huis van de dichter and De kozakkentuin were already translated into Italian (by Claudia Di Palermo) and published by Iperborea. Travel books and non-fiction by Jan Brokken has also been published in Danish, German, English, French, Lets, Polish and Spanish translation.

On Saturday September 9 Jan Brokken joins the Translation Slam with Italian translators Stefano Musili and Valentina Freschi at Festivaletteratura. Musilli translated novels by Dutch authors Inge Schilperoord and Rodaan Al Galidi, Freschi has translated fiction by Guus Kuijer, Tom Lanoye, Hafid Bouazza, and others.

The festival received a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature to cover travel expenses of Jan Brokken.