Silver Slates and Paint Brushes 2017

23 June 2017

This week the winners of the Zilveren Griffels (Silver Slates) and Penselen (Paint Brushes) were announced. The Griffel Jury awarded seven children’s books Zilveren Griffels, recognition from the book trade for the best children’s titles of the past year. The Penseel Jury awarded two Zilveren Penselen and two Zilveren Paletten.

Two weeks before Children’s Book Week, on Wednesday 20 September 2017, the Gouden Penseel and the Gulden Palet were announced and presented in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. At the Children’s Book Ball on the evening of Tuesday 3 October we will learn which of the Zilveren Griffels has been awarded the Gold.

Silver Slates

Tot zes jaar

Age 6+

Age 9+


  • T.rex Trix in Naturalis – Daan Remmerts de Vries (Leopold)
  • A Baby in Mommy’s Belly – Bette Westera (Gottmer)

Silver Paint Brushes

Agnes Vogt


Agnes Vogt

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