8th Amsterdam Fellowship for International Publishers

20-22 September 2017

From Wednesday September 20 until Friday September 22, a group of international editors and publishers will visit Amsterdam upon invitation of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. During a three-day-programme they will be introduced to numerous Dutch publishers, editors, right managers, authors and literary organizations and bookstores. This is the 8th edition of the Amsterdam Fellowship for International Publishers.

The Fellows

  • Julia Ketterer, Suhrkamp (Germany)
  • Jasmin Düring, Fischer (Germany)
  • Peter Blackstock, Grove Atlantic (USA)
  • Anne Meadows, Granta Portobello (UK)
  • Hengchia Lee, Imaginist Time Culture (Taiwan)
  • Cansu Canseven, Anatalia Lit (Turkey)
  • Ana Estevan Hériz, Tusquets (Spain)
  • Maria Leonardi, Nottetempo (Italy)
  • Valerie Miguel-Kraak, Fleuve (France)
  • Darina Zaicova, Slovart (Slovakia)


The international guests will visit Athenaeum Bookstore, the Rijksmuseum and several Dutch publishing houses in Amsterdam, including Atlas Contact, De Bezige Bij, Das Mag and Singel Publishers. The intensive programme also provides meetings with Dutch literary agents, and a speed date afternoon with publishers and editors of publishing houses Podium, Lebowski, Van Oorschot, Cossee, Ambo Anthos, De Bezige Bij, Singel Uitgeverijen and Atlas Contact.

Previous editions of the Amsterdam Fellowship for International Publishers resulted in translations of many Dutch authors, including for example Kader Abdolah (Italy), Jan Brokken (Italy and France), Herman Koch (France), Hugo Claus (Germany), Threes Anna (Canada), Danielle Hermans (Spain), Anna Enquist (Czech Republic), Jacqueline van Maarssen (Hungary), Gerbrand Bakker (Croatia), Hans Croiset (Germany), Pieter Webeling (France), Tommy Wieringa (South-Africa) and Toine Heijmans (Germany).

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Victor Schiferli


Victor Schiferli

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