presentation Spanish translation of Choke Valley

Non-fiction author Frank Westerman visits Madrid

17-20 May 2017

Frank Westerman, one of the leading non-fiction authors of the Netherlands, will visit Madrid for the presentation of the Spanish translation of Stikvallei (Choke Valley). El valle asesino. Sobre el origen de los mitos is translated by Goedele de Sterck and published by Siruela. Prior to the presentation, Goedele de Sterck will moderate a workshop for ten translators Dutch-Spanish on this work, in the presence of the author.

***Stikvallei (Choke Valley) 21 August 1986: in the evening, at new moon, all life in a valley in north-west Cameroon is wiped out. Chickens, baboons, zebus and birds drop dead in the grass – as do two thousand men, women and children. There is no material damage: huts and palm trees are intact.

Books by Frank Westerman have been translated into more than sixteen languages, including German, French, Italian and Swedish. Last year Westerman’s article on ‘El Negro’ for BBC News became a trending topic in the UK, with over half a million views.

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