Bolognarazzi Digital Award

Special mention Dutch app

6 March 2017

The BolognaRagazzi Digital Award for the most innovative mobile app or web product for children is awarded on an annual basis by Bologna Children’s Book Fair in partnership with Children’s Technology Review. Out of 152 entries from 32 countries, the jury has chosen the winners of the Bolognarazzi Digital Award. In addition to the winners, six digital works received a special mention and some works were selected for a short-list. Een verre reis a children’s story of Dutch writer Toon Tellegen (Querido Kinderboek) produced by Yip Yip was chosen for a special mention.

Een verre reis is an interactive story about an elephant who goes out to explore the dessert and is elegantly illustrated by Gwen Stok. Text and drawings are accompanied by a soundtrack made by Rikke Korswagen and Elma Plaisier.

According to the jury of the Bolognarazzi Digital Award, Een verre reis is “a wonderful digital adaptation of a story by writer Toon Tellegen. The work represents an important collaboration between illustrator and musicians, while breaking away from the page structure that usually limits the design of so many story apps.”