Virtual meeting place

Mingler connects art and science

15 February 2017

The Young Academy and the Society of Arts of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences have joined forces to develop Mingler: a virtual meeting place that encourages interaction and synergies in scientific and artistic research. A goldmine for scientists and artists seeking to collaborate across institutional boundaries.

Mingler is seeking pioneers - artists and scientist - who are curious about one another and would like to ‘mingle’ with artists and scientists in other disciplines. To join Mingler you can send an e-mail.

Mingler is for artists and scientists who are open to exploration and experimentation and see being a pioneer as a challenge. It is meant for those who are already active at the crossroads of art and science, for example through their involvement in a publication, a work of art, an exhibition, a film, bio-art or a creative industry project, or who have specific ideas for projects that bring art and science together. They must show the right motivation to meet people from different scientific and artistic disciplines and to communicate with them about matters of substance.

Mingler not only provides a virtual meeting place but will also host live events, twice a year, for network participants.