Schwob’s Modern Classics

Book Club Train to Pakistan

15 January 2017

On the 15th of January book clubs all across The Netherlands will be erected for one day only to discuss a particular book. At bookshop Waterstones in Amsterdam there will be an English language book club where Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh will be discussed. An Indian classic, this fast paced thriller-like novel shows the issues that Muslims and Hindus faced during the separation of India and Pakistan in the 1940s. After the meeting drinks are available at the Volkshotel (Wibautstraat 150), where attendees will have the opportunity to meet one another.

The book club is part of the Schwob action. Schwob looks for modern classics that haven’t been widely translated and which are to most of us still an insider’s tip.

The meeting in Waterstones starts at 14:00. Tickets can be bought in the bookshop or online. The Schwobfest at the Volkshotel will start at 16:00. For this event there is no ticket needed.

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Alexandra Koch


Alexandra Koch

Team coordinator & Programme officer

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