Editors Panel and Networking Event

‘Where in the World is Your Nonfiction?’

22 October 2016

In cooperation with the German Book Office New York and the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Dutch Foundation for Literature presents the Second International Humanities Editors Panel and Networking Event at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The panel will explore the challenges of globalisation in nonfiction publishing. The event takes place Saturday 22 October from 10 till 11.30 am in Hall 4C: Room Consens.

Should we try to be more international, so that our books can travel more easily? Do authors need to keep in mind who they are writing for - a national or an international audience? And, are authors who are writing about what happens outside a country’s borders always making their own country’s set of beliefs part of the book? What are the non-fiction publisher’s obligations in an age of post-truth politics, when expert authority is in crisis? Such are the questions the panel will explore.

The event will be moderated by Toby Mundy, Executive Director at the prestigious Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction, and will feature four international non-fiction experts:
- Alexander Roesler, Nonfiction Editor at S. Fischer Verlag, Germany
- Alexandre Sánchez, Editor at Lux Éditeur, Canada
- Mireille Berman, Nonfiction specialist at the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Netherlands
- Sebastian Budgen, Publisher of Verso Books, UK/US

The panel will open up into a round table and the audience is invited to join the discussion. All editors are welcome to stay and to network over coffee and light snacks.

‘Where in the World is Your Nonfiction?’
- Saturday, 22 October
- Panel: 10 am-11 am; Reception: 11 am-11.30 am
- Hall 4.C: Room Consens. In English.

Please RSVP to Riky Stock:
[email protected]

Mireille Berman


Mireille Berman

Specialist Dutch non-fiction

[email protected]