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Record number of ‘Neuerscheinungen’

14 September 2016

Never before has the Frankfurt Book Fair seen a guest-of-honour country manage to clock up so many translations in the run-up to the fair. The tally for translations into German of books from and about the Netherlands and Flanders, varying from travel guides and art books to literature, has exeeded the 450 mark.

From 19 to 23 October, Flanders and the Netherlands are guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the most important yearly meeting point for international book professionals.

It is expected that the number of translations from Dutch into other languages will seriously increase the next few years, as was the case with previous guest-of-honour countries. A record number of Dutch-language titles has already been translated into German in the run-up to this year’s Book Fair.

An overview of the Neuerscheinungen (new releases), with information on literary titles in all genres, has been produced especially for German booksellers. The Neuerscheinungscatalog can be viewed in pdf or on issuu.