Writer in residence programme 2016

Kristine Bilkau as WiR in Amsterdam

1 Nov-15 December 2016

Kristine Bilkau (Hamburg, 1974) works as a journalist for several magazines. In 2009 she was awarded a stipendium by the prestigious Literarische Colloquium Berlin. For her debut novel Die Glücklichen she received the Hamburger Förderpreis für Literatur en the prize for the Best First Novel of 2015.

Die Glücklichen (The happy ones) is translated into Dutch by Kris Lauwerys and Isabelle Schoepen for Cossee publishing house. The novel describes a dramatic twist in the happy domestic lives of Isabell and Georg. At the same time it reveals a great but uncompromising portrait of generation Y, a generation that longs for security and naturally ‘ownes’ it all - careers, a house, kids and a comfortable life - yet appears to be totally unprepared for failures or setbacks.

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