French theatrical adaptation of ‘Alles ging aan flarden’

28 Sep-1 October 2016

In 2009, the war-diary of Klaartje de Zwarte-Walvisch was published by Uitgeverij Balans, with the title Alles ging aan flarden. The diary of de Zwarte-Walvisch depicts the life of a Jewish woman, and what befell her after her arrest in March, 1943. She ended up in Sobibor, by way of the Hollandse Schouwburg, concentration camp Vught and passage camp Westerbork. In Sobibor she was murdered, on the date where her diary tragically ends: July 4th, 1943.

The diary has been theatrically adapted into a Dutch monologue by poet and historician Klara Smeets, in cooperation with Stichting Droomproducties and herinneringscentrum Kamp Vught.

The diary has also been translated into German and Italian, and will now be published in French by Notes de nuit on the 28th of June. It has been translated by Mireille Cohendy under the title Et tout s’effondre. Journal du camp de Vught. As a result of the French edition, the monologue will be translated and performed in French, by the Dutch theater assembly. This has also been translated by Mireille Cohendy. There will be four shows between 28th of Septembre and the first of October. The leading part will be embodied by Angie Cotrosos; Reginald Kluijtmans will direct. The assembly received a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature for the travel costs.