Festival Internacional de Poesía de Buenos Aires

Sasja Janssen visits Buenos Aires

7-11 June 2016

Dutch poet Sasja Janssen will visit the Festival Internacional de Poesía de Buenos Aires to read a selection of her poetry (in Spanish translation by Diego Puls).

Sasja Janssen (1968) is a poet, as well as a writer of novels and various stories. Querido publishers her work. Her debut came in 1999, when she published a fragment from The letters, a to this day unpublished novella, in literary magazine De Revisor. In 2001 the novel De kamerling is published, followed by Theresa zegt in 2005. Since 2006 she has mainly written poetry, published in Papaver (2007), Wie wij schuilen (2010, nominated for the Jo Peters Poetry Prize) and Ik trek mijn species aan. This last collection won her a nomination for the prestigious VSB Poetry Prize.

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