Visitor’s Programme

German and Russian publisher in Amsterdam

9-15 March 2016

German publisher Ursula Bergenthal and Russian non-fiction publisher Oleg Zimarin will be visiting Amsterdam between Wednesday March 9 and Tuesday March 15. The two publishers have been invited by the foundation to immerse themselves in the Dutch literary scene. During their visit, which coincides with the annual Dutch Bookweek (Boekenweek), they will meet various Dutch publishers, literary agents, CPNB, Boekblad and the Frankfurt 2016-team.

Ursula Bergenthal is the editor-in-chief of btb (Random House München), which has translations in preparation of work by Dutch authors such as Ernest van der Kwast, Arjen Lubach, Bert Wagendorp, Griet Op de Beeck, Stefan Brijs, and Olga Majeau. An overview of Dutch literature previously published by btb can be found in the translation database.

Oleg Zimarin is director of the Russian publishing house Ves Mir, an independent publishing company engaged in publication of books in social sciences and humanities. Ves Mir has published works of Joseph Stiglitz, Douglas North, Jurgen Habermas, Anthony Giddens, Mikhail Gorbachev; the Russian translation of Geert Mak’s In Europe is in preparation.