Enthusiastic reception for Tumbas

Italian praise for Nooteboom

7 December 2015

Iperborea recently published an Italian translation of Tumbas by Cees Nooteboom. The book, in which Nooteboom travels to see the graves of poets and thinkers all over the world, has been very well received in the Italian newspapers.

In Tumbas, published by Atlas Contact in March 2007, Nooteboom visits the final resting places of world-famous thinkers and poets. The book includes a photograph, by Simone Sassen, of each grave, for which Nooteboom writes a story or quotes from the work of the author in question.

The publication of the Italian translation by Fulvio Ferrari has given rise to a series of good reviews in the Italian press. Il Sole 24 ore, for example, writes:

‘This is not reportage about the afterlife but rather about immortality. Tumbas is anything but sombre; every grave (or funeral) is a small novel, sometimes tragic, sometimes entertaining.’

The headline in La Repubblica reads: ‘With Nooteboom even graves are cheerful.’ In its Friday special it actually calls him ‘the consummate sailor of literature’.

La Lettura writes:

‘Nooteboom approaches them (the poets) in the right spirit, with the right dose of emotion and disenchantment.’

These are merely a few examples of the excellent reviews that have appeared in the Italian press this week. Tumbas was previously published in French, German and Spanish.


Mireille Berman


Mireille Berman

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