Mairisch goes Amsterdam

3 December 2015

In February 2016, the entire team of the Hamburg-based publishing house mairisch will be moving to Amsterdam for a month. This is related to the joint guest of honour status of the Netherlands and Flanders at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2016.

The entire publishing house will be moving to Amsterdam for a month, familiarising themselves with the particular aspects of the current literary climate: What are the major themes? Who are the important authors? Which publishers and magazines are exhibiting the literary trends and could be of interest to German readers?

From 8 February onwards, staff will be posting in their blog. With articles and interviews, they will be presenting the vanguard of the literary scene, from authors through booksellers, publishers, editors and agents to programme makers and journal editors.

Mairisch staff Daniel Beskos, Peter Reichenbach, Blanka Stolz, Stefanie Ericke Keidtel and Hanna Zirkler open for tips and will be pleased to tell journalists about this adventure.

The German language issue of Dutch literary magazine Das Magazin planned for next year will be distributed by mairisch.