Wytske Versteeg at Van Eyck-Academy

20 May-20 July 2015

Wytske Versteeg resided at the Jan van Eyck-Academy in Maastricht for a period of two months. She was preceded by Maartje Wortel and NiƱa Weijers; Rosan Hollak will succeed her. On the initiative of the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Van Eyck-Academy the writers work during their two month stay amidst forty international artists, designers, curators and thinkers.

Wytske Versteeg (1983) graduated cum laude in political sciences and made het debut in early 2012 with the well-received novel De Wezenlozen, published by Prometheus. Earlier Versteeg published her non-fiction book Dit is geen dakloze (This Is Not a Homeless Person) with publisher Lemniscaat, which is based on her experience as a volunteer at a crisis shelter. Dit is geen dakloze (2008) combined philosophical literature with journalistic observations and the experiences of the homeless, and was nominated for the Jan Henlo Essay Prize. Her second novel Boy won the BNG Literature Prize and has been translated into Danish and Turkish. A German translation will be published by Klaus Wagenbach Verlag in 2016.

Wystke Versteeg is currently working on a new novel. Not only does she write essays, but also short stories, poems and plays.

The initiative of the Jan van Eyck-Academy and the Dutch Foundation for Literature is part of Wanderlust, the programme of the Dutch Foundation for Literature which offers talented writers and mediators a chance to develop by cooperating with foreign artists or residency in an international environment. The Dutch Foundation for Literature together with the Jan van Eyck-Academy will select two more authors for a residency in 2016.

Aside from the authors, there are also poets staying at the Van Eyck, always for a one month period. Erik Lindner, Lieke Marsman, Tonnus Oosterhoff and Mustafa Stitou have all worked at the academy in Maastricht.

Foto: Eline Spek

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