Isabel Hoving

The dream merchant

A thought-provoking novel

Hoving’s first book, The Dream Merchant, is an epic fantasy adventure. Josh Cope is a bit of a dreamer, who occasionally steals things. Otherwise he’s just an average boy. So why does an international corporation call him in the middle of the night, insisting that he come and work for them? Why are they so convinced that Josh is the key to conquering a new market – the Past?

Drawn into this astonishing whirlwind adventure, Josh soon finds himself in the middle of a nightmare, caught somewhere between dream and reality. To find their way back, Josh and his friends must follow a trail that takes them right to the very heart of the human imagination – and to the furthest extremes of time.

This thought-provoking novel was a runaway success in the Netherlands, winning the 2003 Golden Kiss Award, the most prestigious prize for a young adult book.

Here is a dreamtime so intense, so dangerous you don’t want it to end ever.

Michael Morpurgo, Britain’s Children’s Laureate

This is something new and exciting and superbly written. Just once in a while you get to discover something fresh and original and now I know how reviewers felt when getting hold of Harry Potter for the first time.

Brave New World


Isabel Hoving

Isabel Hoving (b. 1955) followed the Art Academy and was a teacher for many years before she decided to study Literature in Amsterdam. She is an academic and a lecturer at the University of Leiden. Hoving’s first book The Dream Merchant was a runaway success in the Netherlands and won the 2003…

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De gevleugelde kat (2002). Children's books, 511 pages.
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