Stella Braam

I Have Alzheimer’s

My father’s story

Several years ago Stella Braam’s father was told he had Alzheimer’s disease. His daughter spent the next two years with him, documenting his life with all its ups and downs. Her account is both unique and controversial.

‘A diagnosis of dementia is a license to deprive a person of all his civil rights,’ says her father, a psychologist and author. Disorientation and fear, restlessness and anger come to dominate his life. He fights to be given treatment that will allow him some dignity, but soon he no longer recognizes his family or the nurses. The drugs he receives make him practically silent. ‘It’s as if you exist less and less,’ he says. ‘It’s unbearable.’

In this moving book about her father’s illness, Braam describes his wishes and feelings. ‘Sufferers from Alzheimer’s have a lot to say about their own situation. They should be taken seriously. They should be listened to.’ I Have Alzheimer’s created shockwaves in the Netherlands, where the ‘Alzheimer’s activist’ quickly came to represent the many elderly people with dementia. This is a powerful appeal for respect for the rights of patients with Alzheimer’s.

An astonishingly beautiful, witty and moving book.

HP / De Tijd

Stella Braam makes us feel what it must be like, gradually losing your grip on yourself and the world.

NRC Handelsblad


Stella Braam

Stella Braam is a well-known undercover journalist who reports on current affairs, both social and political. She is the co-author with Mehmet Ulger of Grey Wolves. A search for the far right in Turkey (1997).

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Ik heb Alzheimer. Het verhaal van mijn vader (2005). Non-fiction.
Words: 54,000

With illustrations and notes

Themes: brains


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